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Here you can find some of the scripts I have written. If you are interested in screenplays please take a look.

Short Scripts.

Each of these scripts are about ten pages long.

The Paranoid Eye.

When Tony joins the security department of a big company he soon realises that more than just the employees are being monitored by the CCTV cameras. But then he starts to notice some very strange behaviour and his curiosity turns to horror when his search leads him home. He begins to wonder if he is normal or not, or sane.

Download The Paranoid Eye in PDF format.

The Hunt is On.

In this satire the government has come up with a very novel way of keeping the country fit. If Terry's family are going to eat tonight he has to become an urban hunter, only his quarry is unusual indeed. Meanwhile John limbers up for his role in the process. In a battle for survival one man will go away with dinner, the other will go hungry.

Download The Hunt is On in PDF format.

Ten Minute Haunt.

The living room of one of the most haunted houses in the world has been rebuilt, brick by brick, as a carnival attraction. Entering the World Famous Ten Minute Haunt a young couple must face their own fear as they follow the story of Harthing House. But Heather is looking for more than courage from her boyfriend, Iain, but in the end that will cost them both dear. What haunts Harthing house is hungry.

Download Ten Minute Haunt in PDF format.

Feature Scripts


Logline: reverse werewolf and a young woman join forces to take down the boss of a pharmaceutical company, who just so happens to be a lycanthrope who has discovered a way to control the transformation process. The beast must hunt or die.

If you are a film/TV producer or director and are interested in reading the complete script of Wolfwere, please send me an email and I will forward it to you in PDF format.

Download Sample of Wolfwere in PDF format.

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