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Warrior Class. The Crooked Path.

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Upon turning fourteen years of age, Bey Gren-Liet becomes squire to the heroic warrior, Lord Corvaine. He had begun his Crooked Path, a right-of-passage that will eventually lead him to the city of New Dolis where he will meet his true family for the first time and, if he passes the many tests set before him, become an Asteel warrior. 

But this path is full of danger and unexpected revelations, and then there is the ghost...

Meanwhile, in the city of the enemy a young girl, no more than a common thief, finds herself unexpectedly apprenticed to the emperor’s Spymaster-in-Chief, the mysterious and deadly Asperond. There is treachery in the emperor’s court and it is her task to uncover the names of eight traitors that have been whisked away from the city by a spy. It is a task that will take her hundreds of miles from home and bring her to the attention of Lord Corvaine and his young squire. 

But a great army is gathering on the horizon and soon all will be involved in a desperate battle for survival.

Warrior Class, The Crooked Path, is an epic dark fantasy suitable for older children through to younger pensioners. It is the first book of a trilogy. Book 2 will take place almost entirely within the city of New Dolis while book 3 occurs mostly in the Collubus and the city of Thestol. 

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