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A Short Story for Halloween.

For me Halloween has never been about serial killers and torture-porn nastiness (so no Silence of the Lambs or Hostel for me) but about Day-Glo plastic skeletons and spooks made of bed sheets. Here is a little tale that I knocked up to celebrate the ghastly day, and maybe another day too...

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"The Late Tommy Marrow."

By P. T.


The End of the World.

The other night I was looking for something to watch on TV and my eyes fell on my Blu-ray of " 2012", which I had bought in a sale some time ago, and for some reason hadn't got around to watching. So I decided to give it a spin and popped it in the machine.


Great Expectations

You've been waiting for this day for over a year -- maybe even longer -- and finally it arrives.




You travel to your favourite bookstore, your heart beating like a drum and... and... there it is! Not just one, but a whole pyramid of the book that you know will make your life complete -- at least for the next few days.


On Dragons.


Its official, dragons are getting bigger. Look at medieval woodcuts of the fabled beastie and you'll notice they were about the size of a spaniel, but now they've grown to the size of a house, or even a jumbo jet, and with every passing year they get bigger.


Story Vs Reality

While watching Christopher Nolan's new film "Interstellar" (which I loved) I began to ponder that age-old conflict between story and reality. The thing is, you see, is that Interstellar has been attacked for fluffing science, and therefore, reality; but if you look at all of Christopher Nolan's films, even though they have the veneer of being "real", they're all actually about as real as The Lord of the Rings.


Ghost Stories and Christmas.

It's a dark and chilly December evening, fog rolls down the road and through the alleys; the coals in the grate are glowing red and there's hot mulled wine to be sipped; maybe there's even bread to toast before the fire on toasting forks. Before long -- and it feels so natural in the living room's gold-rimmed darkness -- someone mentions the spooky incident that happened to them, oh...


Halloween, My Choices.

There's a cackle in the air and mum's cooking something that might have once been in a graveyard; dad looks like Dracula (he should get some sun) and kids start popping in fountains of red and green gloop from all the sweets and chocolates they've been forced to eat.


Fantasy and Familiarity.

The first thing every writer of fantasy has to consider before he or she puts pen to paper (or fingertips to keyboard) is how much fantasy there is going to be in the story.

Let me explain. Most fantasy novels take place in a world similar yet different to our own, but if it truly was a different world, then it would be very different to our own.


Upon Finishing Reading a Book / Zombies.

On Finishing Reading a Book.

You're reading a damn good book.

You turn the page. The text you've been following avidly for the last few days  comes to an abrupt stop half-way down the next page.

Oh no!

You sigh.

The end is near.

Yes, the villain has been defeated, the lovers reunited, the sick healed, the war won.


Red Written and Updates on Forthcoming Work.

Just thought I'd give you all a heads-up on some of the things I’m working on.


First of all my new novel "Red Written", a dark urban fantasy/dystopian novel aimed at mature readers, has just been published on Kindle. It will be free on Promo from Thursday 27th June through Sunday 30th June, so make sure you download your copy.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Well, the title sort of says it all, doesn't it?

Here are a few suggestions to surviving the holidays:

Don't get a cold! Stay away from anyone with a snotty nose.

Watch It's a Wonderful Life and Gremlins back to back.

Remember that 99% of the presents under the tree are for the kids, not you.


What Tolkien Means to Me.

What Tolkien Means To Me by P.T. Mayes

With Peter Jackson's film of The Hobbit now less than a week away, I thought I would talk a little about what Tolkien means to me.

For a start, like many others, Tolkien introduced me to fantasy. I remember reading The Fellowship of the Ring suffering from whooping cough, coughing up black gunk as I turned the pages.


Why Heroes Shouldn't Have families

Why Heroes Shouldn't Have Families (Here's looking at you Indiana Jones).

By P.T. Mayes

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The man with no name rode into town, climbed off his horse, tied it to bar outside the Three Eagles saloon, crushed his cigar under the heel of one dusty boot and pushed his way through the swinging doors. They didn't hit him on the way back.


The Importance of Repercussions.

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If storytelling had to be boiled down to one thing, it would probably be this: repercussions. A story that has no repercussions has no depth, no flavouring, no “salt”. Bringing the dead back to life would be a humdrum occurrence if it didn’t bring with it a terrible consequences (the best example of this being W.W.


Monsters and Society. What Monsters Say About Us.

What monster(s) is popular at any particular time tells us a lot about that society, and about us as individuals. What monster are you?

Vampire - The Upper-Class Monster.

Fear of the ruler, the aristocrat, the powerful, the corporation. Autocracy. 

Chooses to live separately from society, usually in a “castle” that overlooks the rest of the populace, his “victims”.

Highly religious. Scared of crossed sticks.


Books and Ebooks, A Ramble.

I love books. I love the feel and smell of them, the way you can flick through them and catch tantalising little glimpses of the plot to come, or flick to the end and ruin the whole damn thing. I love nicely-bound books, hardback books; great lumps that feel like they’re important even when they’re not... especially when they’re not.


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