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About Me

I am a writer and screenwriter who lives and works in London. I love Scotch whisky, film, photography, London (its history and architecture), art and music... oh well, just about everything. Every now and then I have a cigar, if I'm feeling naughty.

I love almost all genres, but my favourites are thrillers (although of a quirky kind), fantasy, science fiction and horror.


My Top 10 Favourite Books (not in order).

"The Lord of the Rings" by J.R.R. Tolkein. I bet that didn't come as much of a surprise?

"The Picture of Dorian Gray,"by Oscar Wilde.

"It," by Stephen King.

"Sleeping in Flame," by Jonathan Carroll.

"A Christmas Carol," by Charles Dickens. I read this every year (almost) without fail.

The Collected Ghost Stories of M.R. James. The best writer of ghost stories, ever!

"A Dead Man in Deptford," by Anthony Burgess. Sublime.

"Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell," by Susanna Clarke. One of my favourite books of recent years.

"The Name of the Rose," by Umberto Eco.

"Dracula," by Bram Stoker. Enough said.

My Top 10 Favourite Films.

"Time Bandits," Directed by Terry Gilliam. One of the most creative British films ever made. A great early inspiration for me. 

"The Seven Samurai," directed by the master, Akira Kurosawa.

"Amadeus," directed by Milos Forman.

"The Shining," by Stanley Kubrick. I love both the book and the film.

"Raiders of the Lost Ark," NOT "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark." One of the best action movies ever made.

"The Thing," directed by John Carpenter. Just amazing, blech!

"Night of the Demon," directed by Jaques Tourneur. An incredible British horror film that just works beautifully, based on the short story "Casting the Runes" by M. R. James.

"Ringu," directed by Hideo Nakata. The orginal. Strangely the novel by Koji Suzuki (in translation) reads more like science-fiction.

"Inception," directed by Christopher Nolan. A recent addition. I just love this movie as well as his Batman films.

"The Ladykillers," directed by Alexander Mackendrick. 

"Scott Pilgrim vs. The World," directed by Edgar Wright. Yeah, that's 11, but I couldn't help myself. 

My Top 10 Computer Games.

"Demon's Souls"/"Dark Souls". The best fantasy action games ever. For me Demon's pips Dark.

"Ultima 4". Now almost unplayable but back in the day it "blew my mind".

"Final Fantasy VIII/XII" I have enjoyed all the Final Fantasy games (except the terrible 13) but these two I enjoyed particularly.

"Silent Hill." I played it over and over until I was sick of it.

"The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time." A classic.

"Deus Ex." Sadly doesn't hold up today, but back then...

"Tomb Raider." The original and still the best.

"Quake II". Pure fun. Badly dated now.

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