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Red Written and Updates on Forthcoming Work.

Just thought I'd give you all a heads-up on some of the things I’m working on.


First of all my new novel "Red Written", a dark urban fantasy/dystopian novel aimed at mature readers, has just been published on Kindle. It will be free on Promo from Thursday 27th June through Sunday 30th June, so make sure you download your copy. The book is around 450 pages so you'll be getting your non-money's worth. Hope you all enjoy reading it.


I was hoping to make some of my other books available to download on other ebook platforms last spring, starting with Warrior Class, but this plan has been pushed back due to my commitments on Red Written. If time permits I may get this done by late autumn, but don't hold me to it. I also want to look at getting some paperbacks out there, again it's a matter of time,


It is also my plan to make some of my old short stories available, including a new Warrior Class story, again sometime in the autumn. Probably around 4-6 stories in total. Still undecided as to which stories to use.


What is the current status on Warrior Class book 2? Sadly I had to ditch about 200 pages of work on this because it was going in the wrong direction. This is going to be a long and difficult book to crack (juggling multiple characters and storylines) and there's a good chance I will divide it into two parts so that you won't have to wait ten years for it! What I can tell you is that book 2 takes place almost entirely within the city of New Dolis, where Bey Gren-Liet is now training in the Enclave to be a full-fledged Asteel warrior. Lord Corvaine has been ordered away on a secret mission and Asperond has sent Siren to New Dolis to create... well, mischief! There's going to be some big surprises and twists in this book.


Before embarking on that major work I may write a short thriller novel. I'll really be out of my comfort zone on this one as the main character is a young mother, and the whole story takes place over one night. I'll really have to start researching nappies (diapers) and sick! Now that's a real horror story! If I can pull this one off it will be something very special.


Well, those are my plans as of now, but it all might change at a moment's notice. In the meanwhile, enjoy Red Written.

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