P. T. Mayes


Monsters and Society. What Monsters Say About Us.

What monster(s) is popular at any particular time tells us a lot about that society, and about us as individuals. What monster are you?

Vampire - The Upper-Class Monster.

Fear of the ruler, the aristocrat, the powerful, the corporation. Autocracy. 

Chooses to live separately from society, usually in a “castle” that overlooks the rest of the populace, his “victims”.

Highly religious. Scared of crossed sticks.

Is usually alone, or is tended to by servants, but allows none of them to get close to him. Disposes of them at his whim.

Sucks his victims dry.

Bored through excess.

Sexually deviant, when he can be bothered.

Killed by being staked through the heart, the only part of their anatomy he doesn’t use.

Zombie -- The Lower-Class Monster.

Fear of the common man, the hoi polloi. Communism.

Lives on the street.

Moves in large packs.


Destroys every living thing in his way, therefore making them “one of us”.

Detests the life in others and seeks to consume it.

Is boring.

Sexless. "It" fell off ages ago.

Killed by having his brain destroyed, the only part of his anatomy he doesn’t use.

Werewolves -- The Middle-Class Monster.

Troubled. Dual-personality. Normal by day, monster by night. Becomes a loner, but not by choice. Beaurocratic/Anarchic.

Lives in normal society by day but feeds off it at night. Driven to kill those he loves.


Bored through lack of experience.

Sexually unadventurous, chaste, but when he’s a wolf... ravenous.

Killed by silver, the symbol of his fear of marriage and commitment.

Frankenstein’s Monster -- The “Fear of Science” Monster. Also robots.

Cobbled together, therefore having no definable class, but usually has the mind of a madman or a murderer. Anarchic.

An outsider, misunderstood and rejected by his creator. The eternal teenager. Suffers from bad skin and hair. Stroppy.

Habit of lurking close to power stations.

Wants to take God's place.

Often goes on a mad killing spree, but not through fault of his own, but because society doesn’t understand and accept him.

Frightened you’ll find him boring.

Sex? What’s that? The scientist usually forgets that part of the anatomy.

Killed by fire, God’s weapon of choice.

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